The LIVEr disease in HIV (LIVEHIV Cohort) follows a group of HIV infected patients from the Chronic Viral Illness Service at McGill University Health Centre. The primary objective of this study is to define frequency and risk factors of fatty liver and liver fibrosis in HIV infection. The principal investigator (Dr G. Sebastiani) is a hepatologist and expert on non-invasive diagnostic tools in liver disease. We have enrolled over 1000 participants. Participants undergo a special ultrasound, named Fibroscan, which can quantify fat in the liver, as well as liver fibrosis, without the need of the invasive liver biopsy. The LIVEHIV is the first Cohort specifically designed to study fatty liver in people living with HIV. The data collected demonstrate that fatty liver is an extremely frequent disease in this setting, with a prevalence which is double that of the general Canadian population.

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