Kit de diapositives coinfection VIH-VHC

Evolution and Revolution: Current Issues in HIV and HCV Co-Infection

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HIV-HCV Co-Infection Slide Kit

Chapter 1 – HIV-Hepatitis C Virus co-infection: An evolving epidemic

Chapter 2 - Management of HIV infection in HIV/HCV co-infected patients

Chapter 3 - Management of HCV infection in HIV/HCV co-infected patients

Chapter 4 - HCV Therapy: Direct acting antiviral agents in co-infected individuals

Chapter 5 - Drug interactions with directly acting antivirals for HCV: Overview & challenges in HIV/HCV co-infection

Chapter 6 - Complicated cases

Chapter 7 - Future trials of Hepatitis C therapy in the HIV co-infected

Chapter 8 - HCV infection in marginalized populations

Chapter 9 - HIV/HCV co-infection: Through the eyes of a co-infected hemophiliac